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How do I increase my Free Daily Award?


You can increase your Free Daily Awards by growing your team and completing collections. The bigger your team and the more collection completed, the more Free Daily Awards you will get!

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What prizes can I earn from clicking on the gold gift box and watching an ad?


You can earn Bingo Bucks, and Gold Cards if eligible. 

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Do I get more Free Daily Awards for playing each day?


Yes! The more days you play the more rewards you earn! Additionally, you earn more daily rewards by completing the collections in each city on your way!


Free Daily Awards can reach a 10 day maximum streak! You will continue to receive the maximum (Day 10) awards if you continue to log into the game each day.

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What is the Video Bonus in the Free Daily Awards screen?


The Video Bonus is a quick and easy way to earn additional Bingo Bucks by simply watching a quick video from one of our awesome sponsors!

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How do I get my Free Daily Awards?


The Free Daily Awards is credited once every 24 hours by logging into the game daily. The Free Daily Awards counter begins at midnight (12 A) Eastern time. You need to click the "Collect" button at the bottom of the Free Daily Awards window in order to receive it.


In order to receive the Free Daily Award, please do not continue a game session from the previous day. If you are continuing a session from the previous day, close and reopen your web browser. 

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Can I increase my Free Daily Awards?


Free Daily Awards can be increased by completing the collection sets from Bingo Around the World rooms. Please view your Collections tab BEFORE you complete the collection set to view what type of bonus is awarded. 

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