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How do I become a bingo World Champ?


Your Mission: Complete the Bingo World Tour and collect all the items in each city to become a Bingo World Champ!

Start in Philly and travel all the way to Las Vegas! Collect all the items in each stop to earn bigger daily awards as you play to become a Bingo World Champ!

Getting Started:

First stop - Philly! Start the Bingo World Tour in the City of Brotherly Love and unlock Paris by getting to Level 5 and London in Level 10! To get to higher levels, get experience points (XP) by marking numbers in each Bingo card.



The farther you get in the Bingo World Tour, the higher the payouts are in Bingo Bucks, Ryzing Tokens, AND Gold Cards*! (*Only for players in eligible states. For eligibility, please see Official Rules.)

Become a champ in each city  and earn BIGGER daily awards by completing the city collections. Complete all the cities and you?ll be a Bingo by Ryzing World Champ!



 Win Collection Items: 

You can win collection items by getting BINGO on the cards marked with the collection items. The items appear as pictures in the bottom right corner of the Bingo cards. And if you mark a number with a green spot to earn a special bonus! :) 



Go to the World Champ tab to see your Collection Items progress:



Didn?t win a collection item? No problem! Use the Ryzing Tokens won to buy the items you need! From the World Champ collection window, click "Buy" on the item that you need. 

Want to send an item as a gift to a teammate or trade them for another item? Select the item you would like to send and click ?Send as a Gift?. From there, choose your teammate from your Facebook friends list.

You can also request the item for FREE and ask your friends to send you the item.  





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How do I keep track of Bingo Bucks and Real Cash won?


Load Bingo by Ryzing using any browser. 

While in the Lobby, select the "My Profile" tab located near the top left side of the screen. When your "My Profile" has been loaded, please select the "Balance History" tab located center right of the profile screen. 

Located at the immediate bottom of the tab, use the pull out tab menu to choose any of the desired balance history available in the game.
If there's an inconsistency, please take a screenshot along with detailed steps and description as best possible. 
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